Best price and very fast delivery. Thank you.
Being an International Business Manager requires a special skill that only few people around the world have. Nick is one of those people. With Nick, buying has become a passion to us. We do not only buy from him; but, we also develop our customer relationship through him in order to better serve our clients. Nick, you are the BEST.
Printer does exactly what it says it does and print quality is excellent. Only been using it for a few weeks so time will tell if this quality continues but first impressions are this was a good purchase. I had a good experience with the sales team and delivery was punctual along with the sales team keeping me updated.
Great quality, price and super delivery.
Super fast delivery, thank you Nick.
The best service for us, best price and fast delivery! Thank you very much for your cooperation, Nick!
After a good search of the internet/eBay/AliExpress Wholesale ID came out the best - not only that there communication was excellent, as if I was dealing with a small family shop not a large organisation. I most definitely will be returning to purchase more - Highly recommended supplier
Have been using the PlusCard brand for many years - excellent quality on the resulting print when used with an Avalon Duo and a great price from Wholesale ID too!
I'm still blown away at your ribbon prices. Wish I had found you sooner. Great delivery too. Thanks!
Excellent service. Prompt delivery and after sales service.
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