DNP (Dai Nippon Printing Company)

DNP (Dai Nippon)

About DNP

DNP, Dai Nippon Printing, was established in 1876 as the first full-scale printing company in Japan. Expanding printing technology has been a fundamental policy for DNP since the 1950's. DNP have diversified operations to packaging, decorative materials, electronic components, and information media supplies. A wide variety of DNP products and services hold a large part of our daily lives. They enrich every aspect of our lives, and their undisputable reputation makes them become natural choices for businesses and consumers. By combining innovative technology and expertise, DNP offers products and services that can help fulfill dreams, enrich everyday life, and enhance communication.

DNP has become an integral part of the information communication industry. Today, they have about 35,000 employees, 50 offices in Japan and 24 offices overseas.

About DNP ID card printer business

In 1989, DNP, as a leading supplier of dye-sublimation ink ribbon and smart card, started the desktop ID card printer business. They are a pioneer in the desktop ID card printer market and since then have been maintaining a position as the supplier of innovative products.

DNP brand is synonymous with "high quality and reliability".
All DNP card printers are manufactured with top technology of Japanese machinery company in collaboration with DNP's card printing technology. In addition, they believe providing excellent services and support is the most significant key to maintain its reputation in the market.

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