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Evolis Avansia (RT5F014NAA) YMCFK colour ribbon with UV | 400 image prints

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Evolis Avansia YMCFK colour ribbon with UV for enhanced security cards.

Prints 400 images/cards

The highly acclaimed YMCKF ribbon for the Evolis Avansia card printer has been specifically designed to help you combat fraudulent access and stave away plastic card counterfeiters and card forgery. Therefore, this ribbon is ideal for government and corporations requiring highly secure applications such as access control.

A unique Evolis electronic key is provided with each colour ribbon. Simply install the ribbon first and then install the key inside your Avansia card printer.

The YMCFK ribbon consists of a full colour ribbon (YMC) and a black resin (K) with an additional high-security fluorescent (F) panel:

Evolis Avansia YMCFK ribbon

The fluorescing panel produces grayscale images and text that appear when the card is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.

Ultraviolet printing helps secure your cards without compromising their readability. It represents a significant security feature that helps prevent fraud, counterfeiting and forgery.

Fixed data (the same text and/or images printed on every card) printed with by the UV panel are handled by the Avansia printer driver.

Variable data (different text and/or images from one card to another) should be managed by your card design software.

This Evolis ribbon utilises an RFID tag system which recognises the type of ribbon installed in your printer. Without this key, the printer will not print.

Ribbon Type (Colour):
  • YMCK
  • Security Ribbons
Evolis Printers:
  • Avansia

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