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Magicard (3633-0054) Cleaning Sleeves/Rollers & Roller Bar Kit | Enduro, Enduro+, Enduro Duo, Enduro+ Duo, Rio Pro

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Magicard Printer Cleaning Kit for models Enduro, Enduro+, Enduro Duo, Enduro+ Duo, Rio Pro.

  • 5 Sleeves / Rollers.
  • 1 Roller Bar.

Cleaning Sleeves remove dust and debris from your blanks cards before printing commences to help maximise print quality. Removing dirt from cards also prolongs the life of your printhead saving you from costly repairs and replacements. Magicard also advises you to run a cleaning card cycle each time you change your ribbon.

Cleaning Consumables:
  • Rollers / Sleeves
Magicard Printers:
  • Enduro
  • Enduro Duo
  • Rio Pro
  • Enduro+

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